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Clean Crock Pot Mashed Potatoes


potatoes, mashed potatoes, mashed potato recipes, easy mashed potatoes, thanksgiving recipes, christmas recipes, christmas side dish Okay, so maybe when you think of clean eating, mashed potatoes don't come to mind. But for those of us with food allergies this isn't actually a choice. When prepping for this year's Thanksgiving feast I decided that we just were simply not going to miss out on potatoes simply because our diets are so limited. This recipe started as an experiment to see if it could even be possible... I mean WHO would ever dream of eating mashed potatoes that don't contain butter or milk as an ingredient?! Crazy people, that's who. Crazy people and people like us.

Back to the taters.

The flavor in the potatoes comes from the drippings that I stole right out of the turkey pan. For obvious reasons you're going to want to wait until the turkey is DONE and by done I mean fully cooked before stealing those drippings.

Clean Crock Pot Mashed Potatoes

5lbs. of russet potatoes

1 1/2 cups turkey drippings

Oil of choice

  1. Scrub and chop potatoes into bite sized pieces. I leave the skin on. I repeat LEAVE THE SKIN ON. The dish will not only look better but will have better texture, flavor, and nutritional value.
  2. Toss those potatoes into an oiled crock pot (I use Avacado oil, you can use olive oil, coconut oil, whatever the go-to is in your house).
  3. Cook on high about 4 hours or low 7-8 hours (time will vary slightly depending on the size of your potato chunks).
  4. When turkey is finished, take drippings out and mix in your potatoes. You can use a hand mixer or stand mixer, just remember to only mix until JUST combined, over-mixing mashed potatoes can make them gluey. There is no hard and fast rule for how long, just make sure the drippings are combined and leave it at that. Transfer to your serving dish and you have yourself a tasty mashed potato dish with NO gluten, corn, soy, or dairy.

Don't forget the gravy!


Best Gravy EVER.

Melt-in-your-mouth Sweet Potatoes