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Best Gravy EVER.

gravy, gravy recipe, turkey gravy, turkey gravy recipe, side dishes, dessert, gluten free side dishes, vegan side dishes, healthy gourmet, traditional, thanksgiving recipes, christmas recipes, christmas side dish As far as turkey dinners go, I have always followed pretty closely along with the way my mom taught me to do it all. The same methods, recipes, and I even usually cook it all in the same order. There are, of course, some exceptions (we don't stuff the bird with GASP actual stuffing... we all know better than that now right?) but for the most part I keep it traditional. I have cooked all of the family holiday meals for so many years now I've lost track. I remember  two years ago I finally got up the courage to tell my mom, "Um, mom. I've never actually really liked this gravy. I mean I'm sure it's good but it's just not MY favorite thing..." I felt weak trying to explain it. My mom turned right back to me and said "You know what, me either. I've always just done it this way but I've never really loved it." We both laughed and I vowed right then and there on the Thanksgiving of 2013 that I would experiment until I found THE gravy recipe and I would hang on to it for dear life.

Turns out the recipe would be much simpler than I imagined. Last year's attempt flopped and I can't even remember how I made it. But this year everyone was raving and I ended up going back after the meal and making another doubled recipe so that we would have enough for leftovers. It's. So. Simple. Like seriously painfully simple.

Best Gravy EVER

2 cups turkey drippings

2-3 tablespoons Better Batter gluten free all purpose flour

Salt and pepper to taste

  1. Mix the turkey broth and flour together over medium to high heat, whisking constantly. You want to add them together BEFORE the drippings get too warmed up. If you want until they are warmed up you will get lumpy gravy and ain't nobody got time for that.
  2. Keep whisking until it thickens (about 10 minutes). I started with 2 tbsp. and added the third after a few minutes of cooking. You have to go with your own tastes on this depending on how thick you want the gravy.
  3. That's it. Add salt and pepper to taste. I only use salt as I'm allergic to pepper (big surprise) and it's great without but I'm sure guests (and you) will appreciate the traditional s&p.

Note: I have tried this with other gluten free flours and failed miserably. I'm not sure what it is about the Better Batter but it works great. Plus you're supporting a small business that CARES about Celiacs by purchasing it. You can buy some Better Batter.

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